Tectra celebrates debut sale of Ctrl X CORE

As a pioneer in industrial automation solutions, Tectra Automation, a Bosch Rexroth Africa Group company, has sold its first Ctrl X CORE PLC to Bagtech International. Bagtech provides fertiliser management and handling solutions such as conveyor belts, fertiliser mobile and bagging machines, and coating machines. 

An automation solution for all sectors

Tectra Automation’s Ctrl X CORE is an all-in-one future-proof, compact industrial PLC/motion controller/IOT gateway that can be used as a VPN, depending on the apps loaded. It is a versatile solution that can adapt to changing conditions and can seamlessly communicate with other automation systems. Its real-time operating system, open standards, application programming, web-based engineering, and IoT connectivity reduce components and engineering costs by up to 50%. At Bagtech International, Ctrl X CORE is being used to optimise its packing process.

In industry, handling and robotic solutions are some of the most frequently needed applications for automatable tasks. However, they often tie up significant engineering capacities. Ctrl X CORE makes it easy to put individual handling solutions in place and achieve quick and efficient engineering. Systems for handling can, thus, be commissioned up to 50% faster and the time to market for handling systems and robots is reduced considerably.

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“As a leader in the agribusiness sector, Bagtech International will benefit from this innovation’s high flexibility and connectivity to its existing solutions and different specialised devices to streamline processes and improve productivity,” said Markus Muessig, Head of Business Development and Applications at Tectra Automation. “The client wanted to test different automation solutions before choosing ours in 2022, and it was found that Ctrl X CORE can help fulfil requests for an open architecture and multi-bus system. Combining the system in one controller makes it easy to manage within a single software environment, while also creating new possibilities. Conveniently, there is no need for any additional software for Ctrl X CORE to read devices,” said Muessig.  

Ctrl X CORE: Automation without limits

Muessig added that Tectra Automation specialists had started by evaluating Bagtech International's options. This evaluation was necessary for Tectra Automation to ensure that the system functions optimally and the client realises a return on their investment. Among others, the specialists are determining where it will be placed as further developments occur. “One of our specialists was onsite to coach Bagtech’s personnel on how the automation system works. He presented the Ctrl X CORE automation system, set it up and demonstrated the various capabilities. We will assist Bagtech International with any queries  that might arise regarding Ctrl X CORE.” As with other Tectra Automation products and services, the normal warranty terms from Bosch Rexroth Africa will apply to the Ctrl X CORE solution. 

 A happy client 

The client was so happy with the solution that they are testing it elsewhere to see what it does and where it is the most effective. “The client has been testing the solution thus far. They want to see where the Ctrl X CORE will be the best fit in their operations. We expect them to decide in this regard in the second half of this year. Bagtech is so impressed with the system that they have told us that it is their preferred solution; one that they have been seeking for a long time,” he said. More sales of Ctrl X CORE have been made to other clients since the purchase by Bagtech International. “Tectra Automation has also received enquiries about this solution from many clients across different industries,”

The Ctrl X CORE automation system is set to revolutionise automation in Africa. “The system provides automation without limits and it is our target product for 2023 and beyond. We will introduce it to the market as our target system solution,” Muessig concluded. 

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