Tectra Automation bolsters valve offering with introduction of solenoid valve range

Hytec Group company Tectra Automation recently introduced a new range of 2/2 way solenoid valves to bolster its ranges of process valves. Incorporated into its offering late in 2017, the new range was selected due to its cost-effectiveness and cross-medium functionality. Consisting of three variants in the range – membrane solenoid valves; direct acting solenoid valves; and indirect acting solenoid valves, they are designed to help control water, air, inert gas, steam and all general non-aggressive fluids.

The brass body is particularly compact allowing these valves, with maximum allowable pressure of 20 bar, to be used in extremely small spaces. The temperature range across the three process valves is also standard at -10° C to 80° C, although the seals used, available in NBR, Viton and EPDM, vary in their maximum temperature tolerance.

NBR seals are used for air, inert gas, mineral oils, gas oil, fuel oils and water, and have a temperature range tolerance of from -10° C to 90°C, although the maximum temperature tolerance range for water is limited to 75° C. For the ranges of Viton and EPDM seals, the maximum temperature tolerance increases to 140° C with the former used for mineral oils, petrol, gas oil and fuel oils; and the latter for hot water or steam, but at a maximum pressure of 2.5 bar.

Valve material composition for all three valves is identical – the body manufactured from brass and the springs, armature tube and valve core manufactured from stainless steel. “Tectra Automation guarantees that correctly specified valves will meet the specified cycle time,” points out Malan Bosman, Pneumatics Product Manager, Tectra Automation. “Additionally, as we uphold all OEM warranties, new valves will be issued on all warranty claims.”

As Tectra Automation has a fully comprehensive stockholding of all 2/2 way solenoid valves, turnaround time for customers’ order to delivery is negligible. “We added this range of solenoid valves to our process valve offering to satisfy demand,” Malan says. “The use of these valves has become common in the process industry and one of our aims is to provide our customers with a broader range of products under one roof.”

“In addition to their cost-effectiveness, they are easy to service and spare parts are readily available,” he concludes. “In fact, since our launch of the 2/2 way solenoid valves in November 2017, we have experienced fantastic take-up – to such an extent that Tectra Automation will be increasing its more than R400 000 stock level of these solenoid valves.”

Direct acting solenoid valve

Indirect acting solenoid valve

Membrane Solenoid valve

For additional information on these valves, or all products from Tectra Automation, call +27 11 971 9400.
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