OMAL co-axial valve offers 10 X life expectancy compared to ball valve actuator combo

The co-axial VIP EVO Valve.

The recently launched co-axial VIP EVO Valve from Italy-based OMAL provides the lowest cost of ownership with a life expectancy 10 times that of a ball valve/actuator combination. Offering reduced maintenance costs, it integrates the valve and actuator into a single compact device, minimises pressure losses and has multi-functional security holes that prevent air supply system damage.

Distributed across South Africa by Tectra Automation, the VIP EVO Valve saves at least 70% of compressed air compared to an equivalent ball valve with SR pneumatic actuator. Compatible with LPG and LNG gas, oxygen, nitrogen, petroleum, air and water, among others, its easily accessible limit switches are adjustable on both sides. The EVO Valve allows for different materials for different applications and has a switching time of less than 0.2 seconds for valves up to one inch.

Available in double acting and spring return versions in sizes from 3/8 to 2 inches, the range is ideal for fire-fighting applications, aviation refuelling systems, gas filling units and OSA generators among others.

“Fewer mechanical parts translate to reduced friction and therefore less wear. This is what facilitates the valve’s considerable longevity” explains Cobus Snyman, Product Division Manager. “Reduced downtime and lower production losses combined with energy savings and minimised inventory, means VIP EVO Valves provide ROI in as little as three months.”

Warrantied for up to 300 000 cycles (model dependent), VIP EVO can be used in horizontal, vertical or angled mounting. It is available with EPDM, NBR and FKM seals, is ATEX and PED certified and certified up to SIL 3. It features an integrated slot for the valve position sensor, which facilitates easy sensor mounting on both sides of the valve, minimising space requirements. Risk of injury to personnel is reduced as there are no external moving parts.

Launched simultaneously in 95 countries, the valve was co-developed by OMAL SpA and Italian industrial designer Giugiaro. All major components are manufactured internally at OMAL’s Italy plant, ensuring maximum control and accuracy in all the stages of the manufacturing process.

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