New SVR™ range from HFT

Hy-Pro Soluble Varnish Removal (SVR™) systems are now available throughout the continent from HFT.

The new Hy-Pro Soluble Varnish Removal (SVR™) Systems are now available from Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT). These systems offer complete recovery and maintenance for turbine lubricants.

SVR™ attacks the source of the varnish problem on a molecular level, removing the oxidation by-products that form varnish deposits. SVR™ removes acid to improve oxidative stability, slow oxidation rate and reduce varnish production. Unlike competing systems, SVR™ purifies 100% of reservoir volume each day. Ion Charge Bonding (ICB™) has been widely used to purify turbine and compressor lubricants as well as phosphate ester fluids. ICB™ restores demulsibility during normal turbine operation without damaging additives.

Varnish Test Kits (VTK) are intended for long-term repeated use in-house by customers. This VTK has an upgraded spectrometer for ease in testing and accuracy with an expected life cycle of more than 5 years. Testing in-house provides a quicker status report of fluids being analysed and this is done by customers themselves for immediate analysis. Specifically calibrated for MPC testing according to ASTM requirements, the VTK assists in a proactive maintenance schedule. This is something our customers know is vital.

Customers work with industry experts to receive comprehensive oil analysis and results interpretation. From first customer contact via questionnaire to delivery in between 8 and 10 weeks, SVR™ can be completely customised for the perfect solution.

The ability to supply a lubrication conditioning skid that removes so much more than just soluble oxidation products is a victory for customers, operations and productivity. In addition, SVR™ Systems have the lowest cost of operation and ownership over 10 years with defined consumable costs. The SVR™ system offers the best warranty in the industry – 3 years on all parts.

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