New broom at Hytec Mozambique

Hytec Mozambique has a new branch manager in the form of Belmiro Beve, who was appointed to the position effective 1 July 2018. Coming from outside the Hytec Group of Companies, Belmiro brings vast aftersales experience and 23 years industry experience, the majority of them in aluminium smeltering and many in the heavy sand mine industry, to the position.

He sums up his branch manager duties as workforce and financial management, product marketing, workshop management and providing technical support to the Hytec Service team. Among the list of activities in carrying out his branch manager duties, Belmiro ranks motivating staff and looking after their well-being high on the agenda.

Reporting to Hytec Services Mozambique General Manager Garrick Steyn, Belmiro has no less than seven personnel reporting directly to him. With an Electronics Engineering degree from Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique behind his name, Belmiro also boasts a Management Development Programme award by UNISA and a New Management Development Programme from Stellenbosch University.

“My experience in multi-culture working environments has helped me respect the different ways of getting things done, as well as respecting differing opinions,” he says. “Additionally, I feel that my aftersales experience has helped facilitate easy and pleasant relationships with Hytec’s clients that fall within my ambit.”

Belmiro’s enthusiasm for his position and task at hand is obvious, and can be seen when he speaks of his staff. ‘You are a great young team and it has been a pleasure working with you so far. I look forward to your support in my future endeavours and I believe that, together, we can take this huge ship called Hytec Mozambique to a safe port. I hope to learn a lot with you and to share my experience and knowledge with you.”

Having recently visited Hytec Group in Johannesburg, Belmiro says: “It was amazing to meet with new colleagues at the Group’s Johannesburg headquarters and realise the size of our Group. I now fully understand what we, as a company, are capable of offering the market.”

Married to Nilza, the couple has two daughters, Chrisley (17) and Sharon (13). Belmiro’s leisure activities include reading personal development books, swimming and farming cattle, and he sites Australia and Brazil as his preferred holiday destinations.

With his industry and multi-cultural experience, enthusiasm and confidence, it seems that Hytec Mozambique is in good hands.

“To all Hytec employees,” he concludes, “I’d like to thank you for accepting me into the Hytec family. You have made this company great to work for and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.”

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