Ian Kidson retires from Hytec South Africa

Renowned industry expert stalwart, Ian Kidson, Repair Manager at Hytec South Africa (Hytec  SA), has retired after 31 years of dedicated service.

Beginning his career as a motor mechanic, Ian joined the Chamber of Mines where he qualified in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a Design Engineer in underground mechanised mining for their Research and Development division. Ian always had a keen interest in the hydraulics side of engineering and when the Chamber of Mines closed their R&D division, he jumped at the opportunity to join Hytec SA in 1991 as the Johannesburg branch’s Repairs Manager. 

In 2008 Ian moved across to Hytec Group’s supply chain and logistics company, Bosch Rexroth Africa Logistics, as Technical Manager to assist with Group technical information and product training. He later returned to Hytec SA where he oversaw the Johannesburg branch’s quality   standards and ensured that all employees were trained to Bosch Rexroth Group’s high standards. He was responsible for the Group’s Service Centre of Competence programme, as well as being involved in training delegations from across the continent in the repair of Bosch Rexroth’s hydraulics components. 

When asked about his career highlights, Ian lists returning to the Johannesburg branch after his stint at Bosch Rexroth Africa Logistics has been the highlight of his career and he is proud to have worked for a world-renowned company. He was awarded the company’s long service award in 2021. 

Ian points out that if it were not for his wife he may have ended up in a different career.” The decision to change my career prospects from motor mechanics to hydraulic engineering was largely inspired by a young law student who I was trying to impress at the time.” She eventually became his wife, and the couple has been married for 38 years. They have three daughters and three grandchildren. 

The Group wishes him a long, fulfilling retirement.

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