Hytec steals the show at Electra Mining Botswana

Hytec was at Electra Mining Botswana 2017 recently, showcasing a large cross-section of the Group’s products and services for the mining, industrial and power generation sectors in Botswana.

A key event in the southern African industry calendar, Hytec collaborated with Hägglunds to secure a larger, higher-traffic location than Hytec has had in previous years.

“The exhibition was a big success, with visitor numbers through the stand up significantly from two years ago,” explains Gary Shaw, General Manager, Hytec Hydraulics Botswana. “Customers like to pick up and feel a product or see a demonstration of how it works rather than just looking at pictures in a brochure or catalogue, and our stand gave them the opportunity to do so across a large number of product categories.”

A big focus for Hytec this year was the range of Power Team products, with a special focus on the Amandla Portable Jack that is used to change tyres on large haul trucks on mines, as well a wide portfolio of solutions from Hydraulics & Automation Warehouse (HAW).

Hägglunds demonstrated its Gearbox Eliminator, which is quickly growing in popularity as a replacement for existing mechanical drive systems and hydraulic motor / planetary gearbox drive systems.

“It’s very important for Hytec to have a strong presence at key industry events like Electra Mining Botswana,” Gary continues. “It’s an excellent platform for spreading awareness about our products and service capabilities, and a key environment for building and strengthening relationships with potential and prominent existing customers. Having a comprehensive crosscut of our solutions offerings instils confidence in the Hytec Group brand.”

Mission accomplished! Hytec’s stand received huge brand exposure

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