Hytec South Africa custom designs 6 000-ton silo power pack for mine in Lephalale

Hytec South Africa recently designed and manufactured a 6 000-ton silo power pack for a mine in Lephalale. Supplied in a three-metre shipping container, the solution is equipped with a pressurisation unit, control electronics and automated lighting.

The containerised silo power pack controls the belt feeder on a coal conveyor to determine the amount of coal feeding into the line using proportional control. Independent knife gate control systems utilise up to 350 kN to control the chute closing. Its pressurisation unit supplies clean filtered air at a positive pressure to the inside of the unit, ensuring dust is kept out, and all filters have a 100% back-up system to prevent downtime.

The Hytec South Africa team at the Rexroth HUBB with the one-of-a-kind containerised silo power pack

The silo power pack has an automated lighting system, and the inside of the container acts as a secondary containment system in the event of hydraulic liquids being expelled from the system. Sliding mounts for the electric motor and pump combinations were fitted for ease of maintenance.

The system consists of transducers and switches, which continuously monitor system performance, and is equipped with an integrated air blast cooler.

Hytec South Africa was selected as the preferred supplier for this project, not only for its competitive pricing, but also innovation and technological capabilities.

This specialised solution is one more example of how Hytec South Africa, an African leader in hydraulics, has the capability to manufacture whatever clients require

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