Hytec SA adds the new A10VO Series 60 medium-pressure axial piston pump to expand its eOC platform

The new A10VO Series 60 medium-pressure axial piston pump expands Hytec SA’s eOC platform for higher mobile machine productivity with lower energy consumption.

The electronic closed-loop control of hydraulic pumps in open circuits with Rexroth electronic Open Circuit (eOC) –– opens new possibilities for the implementation of hydraulics for mobile machines. Hytec South Africa, a Bosch Rexroth Africa company, is expanding its range of eOC-capable pumps by introducing the new A10VO/60 axial piston pump. The pump is designed for medium-pressure applications with nominal pressures up to 280 bar (320 bar maximum pressure).

Hytec SA’s eOC architecture shifts the complexity of a hydromechanical pump control to the BODAS eOC pump control software. To allow this interaction, the axial piston pump is equipped with sensors for the swivel angle and pressure. This means that the control is no longer limited to mechanically fixed control variables such as torque, pressure or flow rate as it previously was. Instead, the control strategy can switch to the optimum control variable depending on the work situation. This makes machines even more versatile and flexible. At the same time, it increases productivity and reduces energy consumption. 

Improvements in pulsation, size and efficiency

The A10VO/60 is the first axial piston variable pump from Hytec SA that can be equipped with an integrated pre-compression volume as standard. This option reduces pressure pulsation by up to 50% and, therefore, the noise level in the operator's cab. This improvement in operating comfort can be achieved without additional, cost-intensive noise reduction measures such as engine compartment insulation, system damping or cabin insulation.

Hytec SA has increased the power density of the new unit by up to 49%. An increase in pressure to 280 bar combined with an optimised pump design results in an installation length that is up to 10% shorter. The required installation space is, therefore, significantly less when compared to other medium-pressure pumps. The reworked rotary group allows very high efficiency levels in both the partial and full load range. Hytec SA has completely re-engineered the proven A10 rotary groups and increased their efficiency for this purpose. This provides more hydraulic power while maintaining diesel engine performance and reducing operating costs.

Cost savings thanks to reduced pump variance and servicing 

With its reduced variance, the eOC version of the new pump offers further opportunities for cost savings because the different controller types and mechanical settings are transferred to the software. The reduced pump variance allows OEMs to reduce their stock levels and reduce work when it comes to managing spare parts and aftermarket components. If servicing is required or if feature updates are available, the software can be managed via the BODAS Service interface. In addition to the eOC version, Hytec SA now offers the A10VO Series 60 in a version with classic pressure-flow control (DRS).

The new A10VO Series 60 medium-pressure axial piston pump is available throughout the continent through Bosch Rexroth Africa.

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