Hytec at Oil & Gas Africa 2017

Hytec exhibited at the Oil & Gas Africa tradeshow, held from 11 to 13 July in Cape Town.

“This is an important marketing, networking and industry event for Hytec; a key platform for us to showcase our extensive products, technologies and capabilities to an important assembly of role players and industry leaders in Africa’s oil and gas market, and grow our customer base,” explains Hytec Senior Systems Engineer Emile Schwartz.

A wide range of products were showcased, from valves and pumps through to complete power packs and hydraulic components. Also in focus was the launch of a new actuators product range in partnership with Dabeb Engineering. “With over 40 years’ experience, the DAE range of actuators has become a unique, universally accepted and versatile electro-hydraulic solution, operating in some of the harshest environments across the world with legendary reliability and success.”

As with previous years, servicing and support solutions remained an important focus of the showcase, with a greater emphasis this year on enhancing relations with OEM houses, and in growing service contracts with existing customer base and increasing market share through resellers and opposition brands.

In addition to demonstrating business capabilities to a key audience, events like Oil & Gas Africa offer a critical evaluation of current market needs and trends: “We’re seeing an increased demand for hydraulic and automation solutions tailored for different regions, industries and customer requirements,” Emile describes.

Oil and gas is a key strategic market for the Hytec Group in Africa, and the Oil & Gas Africa exhibition continues to show its worth as an important event for industry leaders and technology vendors.

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