HFT improves acid remediation in the power generation industry

HY-PRO’s ICB® resin-based technology is an effective, compact and efficient solution for acid remediation applications.

Improper maintenance of electro-hydraulic control (EHC) fluid can cost millions in unnecessary failures and lost production, and is a common problem in the power generation industry.

To address this challenge, Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) has introduced HY-PRO’s ICB® resin-based technology for acid remediation to Africa’s power generation industry.

HFT trialled the HY-PRO Acid Remediation Solution at a South African power plant to prove its efficiency in the industry. “The plant considered their fluid irreparable prior to the trial of the new technology,” explains Sandor Bottyan, HFT General Manager. “However, over a 5-month period, the fluid was brought back within specification, proving that ICB® Technology is superior to the current conditioning technology.”

The ICB® resin-based technology forms part of HY-PRO’s Phosphate Ester Conditioning Systems Fluid Solutions Range, that is developed specifically for the industry's toughest lube filtration challenges.

Use of ICB® in power generation applications across the world shows excellent performance in maintaining ideal fluid chemistry and cleanliness; reducing elevated acid components and water, while effectively increasing resistivity and eliminating the cause of gelling and servo valve sticking.

For more information, contact HFT on +27 11 976 7300.

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