HAW introduces the PG20 range of cast iron gear pumps for mining and niche industry

Hydraulic and Automation Warehouse (HAW) recently introduced the latest Salami Group 2 (PG20) range of cast iron gear pumps to the South African market. They follow on the success of the Group 3 (PG331) cast iron gear pumps and are highly suited for mining, agriculture and forestry applications, have dust resistance and explosion-proof componentry and are more compact than their predecessor.

Housed by a front mounting flange and rear cover, pumps in this range boast a one-piece drive shaft construction and feature double shaft seals on pumps with reinforced inner shaft seals for motors. The Salami PG20 gear pumps from HAW are available with displacements from 16 cm3/rev to 26 cm3/rev and come with the option of shafts, flanges and ports as per European and American standards. All in the range have two flange mounting styles, five shaft types and the porting is the standard BSP/SAE threaded / Bosch square and diamond porting.

In addition to extended product longevity gained from its cast iron composition, their high carbon content and low static discharge capabilities secure its explosion-proof status. Its small dimensions are gained by installing the gear set, gear support bushings and suction and delivery ports within the main body and the range is designed to accommodate any engineering design. Additionally, the design satisfies a variety of OEM manufacturing designs, including those in mining and forestry applications too.

Pumps in this range have a maximum starting viscosity of 800 mm²/sec, minimum operating fluid viscosity of 12 mm²/sec and suggested fluid viscosity range of 17 – 65 mm²/sec. Double shaft seals are used, with nitrile seals as standard and Viton seals for high temperature applications. The fluid operating temperature range varies from -25 to 85° C and -250 to 110° C with Viton (FPM) seals.

HAW will distribute Salami’s new PG331 series cast iron gear pumps in South Africa and across sub-Saharan Africa. The company retains a comprehensive stockholding at its Spartan offices in Johannesburg and conducts assessments and repairs through the Hytec Group. All wear parts, including seals and drive shafts, are held in stock.

All pumps are hydraulic tested after assembly to ensure the high standard performance required by Salami’s engineering. HAW is the official authorised sub-Saharan Africa distributor for Salami-manufactured gear pumps, motors and mobile control valves.

The new PG20 gear pump range is available from HAW on +27 11 281 3800.
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