Hägglunds newest product wins industry recognition!


Hägglunds Fusion, a powerful drive system that mounts directly on the drive shaft was named the 2022 Innovation Award winner from New Equipment Digest – Hydraulic and Pneumatic category. The award celebrates the most disruptive innovation in industrial technology, tools and equipment. New Equipment Digest (NED) launched its award programme six years ago to highlight industrial products that redefine limitations and bring change to its markets.

Hägglunds Fusion is a durable, reliable, hydraulic solution that meets high demands in several low-power applications. It is a space-saving and cost-efficient solution that takes compactness to a new level by placing the entire hydraulic drive system on its torque arm and does not require a gearbox. It also provides unbeatable torque from zero speed and includes built-in torque limitation. This enables the machine to start, stop and reverse as often as needed to serve applications, without the risk of damage.

“According to NED, winners and finalists redefine their markets for a smarter, more efficient manufacturing world, and we within the Bosch Rexroth Group believe that we do just that with our continuous drive for innovation and customer satisfaction,” comments Kay Govinder. “Our easy plug-and-play hydraulic drive maximises profitability by increasing the productivity for low-speed infeed conveyors”.

NED has covered the latest products and solutions from industrial suppliers for their target market, a global network of buyers, engineers, and business leaders, for the past 85 years.

Hägglunds Fusion, the most compact hydraulic drive in Hägglunds’ range
Hägglunds Fusion, the most compact hydraulic drive in Hägglunds’ range

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