Hägglunds at MTE Northern Cape

Hägglunds Drives South Africa attended the annual Mining and Technical Exhibition (MTE) in the Northern Cape on 19 and 21 July 2022, in Hotazel and Kathu respectively. Their attendance helped garner relationship-building with existing and new customers in the industrial community, attain quality leads, and identify trends in the industry for further developments. 

Sales Engineers from the Kempton Park-based office in Johannesburg presented Hägglunds’ variable speed direct drive systems to exhibition visitors. “Electric motor tripping due to overloading as experienced with traditional drives is a thing of the past. New customers we meet are often unaware that modern technologies and solutions are possible or exist, so it is exciting to communicate our offerings to them and attain quality leads. It was therefore imperative that our team inform exhibition attendees about the Hägglunds’ market offering,” says Soni Nkabinde, Sales Engineer, Hägglunds Drives South Africa.

“The offerings on display made use of simplified high torque direct drives solutions without gear reductions/gearboxes, Nkabinde says. “This technology offers variable speed control at full torque throughout speed range without time limitation.”  

“Both exhibition days proved to be successful,” Nkabinde concludes. “Exhibition visitors now have a better understanding of our technologies and the benefits they bring to any plant. In turn, we have a better understanding of the technologies required in the market and can engineer solutions to meet these requirements.”


Since 2008, Hägglunds Drives South Africa has supplied and supported the full Hägglunds range, including hydraulic motors, drive units, and related hydraulic system accessories. The range of shaft-mounted hydraulic motors, freely placed drive units, accessories, and intelligent control helps ensure high performance in even the toughest applications.

Hägglunds Drives South Africa is a Bosch Rexroth company.





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