Bosch Rexroth Ghana renovates its adopted local orphanage

In 2020, Bosch Rexroth Ghana adopted a local orphanage, Father’s Home Care Ministries in Takoradi. Previous initiatives for the orphanage include an extensive building and playground renovation, a donation of three brand-new washing machines, a hosted Christmas party with clothes for the children, as well as continued monthly donations of nappies and water. Bosch Rexroth Ghana, with the help of the Primavera Foundation who funded this project with 70 000 euros, introduced a teenage zone and a library to the Home.

The teenage zone
The new teenage zone consists of a section for boys and girls, each housing eight children. Due to this additional capacity, the orphanage can now accommodate 59 children between the ages of 10 months and 20 years. 

A new library to enrich the children’s lives

As there are currently no libraries in proximity to the Home, one was built on the orphanage premises. It offers an encouraging learning space that will greatly help the children in the Home.

The library has a floor space of 110 m2 and will be available to the children in the Home as well as those residing in the surrounding community.  We will start furnishing the interior of the library in December 2022 and we aim to have it completed in early 2023. 

The Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa has kindly donated 4 000 books, which are in the process of being shipped to Ghana. The Home’s founder and board of directors are overjoyed with the facilities’ progress”, which has been a long-term dream of theirs.

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