Lube Filtration

Lube Filtration solutions from Bosch Rexroth Africa are sourced from Fleetguard® and Baldwin lube filtration technology and products for heavy-duty vehicles. Lube oil is the life-blood of an engine! These lube filtration filters better protect engines by preventing damaging contaminants from affecting sensitive parts.

Fleetguard® Lube Filtration

Fleetguard®’s innovations in lube filtration began in the 1950s, subsequently introducing innovations to accompany engines’ progressive development.


Baldwin Lube Filtration

Baldwin Filters offers Lube Filtration technology for heavy-duty vehicles with products that keep damaging contaminants from sensitive engine parts.


Why use lube filtration solutions from Bosch Rexroth Africa?

Tapping into the lube filtration resources supplied by leading suppliers, Baldwin Lube Filtration and Fleetguard® Lube Filtration, we are able to provide you with the ideal lube filtration product for your specific application requirements.

  • Pores remain unblocked when particles attach to media surface
  • Improved engine protection in strenuous circumstances and harsh operating conditions
  • Decreased vehicle maintenance costs
  • Increased vehicle uptime and extended service intervals
  • Reduced disposal costs

Applications for lube filtration

  • Lubricator – reduces friction and wear
  • Cooler – acts as heat transfer media
  • Sealer – fills uneven surfaces in an engine
  • Cleaning agent – prevents deposits
For a comprehensive choice of lube filtration solutions that lubricate, clean, cool, protect and seal engine components, contact Bosch Rexroth Africa of today!

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Baldwin Fuel Filtration

Contaminants are still a major concern when it comes to fuel systems. Baldwin fuel filters effectively remove contaminants from a fuel supply, eliminating harmful debris which might damage critical fuel system components, enhancing protection for downstream equipment functionality.

Baldwin industrial fuel filters deliver pure performance, system protection and trouble-free operation for all types of equipment, with up to 13% greater contaminant holding capacity than regular filters. This means extended injection system life and full power performance.

With spin-ons, elements, fuel managers and fuel/water separators, Baldwin has the filter to fit most applications. Baldwin Filters offers more than 650 different fuel filters, fuel managers, coalescers and fuel/water separators to protect your engine.

Baldwin Filters has a complete line of fuel filters to provide complete protection to today’s engines from contaminants. Baldwin fuel filters protect sensitive fuel system components, such as injection pumps and injectors, from damaging contaminants, which include:

Water — destroys lubricative properties of your fuel, damaging fuel system components and resulting in fuel flow stoppage at cold temperatures.

Fungus and Bacteria — plug fuel filters, feed on hydrocarbons and spread rapidly in the presence of moisture.

Precipitates (non-combustible materials) — settle out of the fuel causing few problems.

Particulates (black, tar-like contaminants) — plug fuel filters quickly.

Wax — adds energy to diesel fuel; however, during cold weather, wax thickens and gels – slowing or stopping fuel flow.


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