Logic Valves

Aventics' range of logic valves features multi-function valves that are used to sequence and control pneumatic system operations up to 80 litres per minute. This range of logic valves can also be used as a connection for either open- or closed-control operations.

Twin Pressure Valves

Aventics twin pressure valves are used for the main or pilot flow limitation of one or two actuator ports from 80 to 800 litres per minute.


Shuttle Valves

The valves automatically select and direct the flow of air from two controlling devices to a common outlet. Ideal for mobile pneumatic applications.


Series 551 Directional Valve

Aventics Series 551 directional valve is a low-pressure operated valve to control airflows of up to 120 litres per minute


Pneumatic Counter

Includes a range of adding and subtracting pneumatic counters for the pulse of compressed air and displays these counts on a mechanical display.


Pneumatic Pulse Generator

Our Aventics pneumatic pulse generator effectively converts a constant supply of compressed air up to 50 litres per minute into timed pulses.


Aventics Logic Valves

Features multi-function valves that are used to sequence and control pneumatic airflow operations up to 80 litres per minute.


Logic valves for your application

Logic valves can be used to accurately control flow, pressure or direction and handle large amounts of fluid. When correctly configured, logic valves can conduct multi-task control functions, functioning as directional and pressure controls, check valves and flow controls. They are used in applications where flow and pressure conditions could exceed typical cartridge valve limits.

The pneumatic logic valves utilise a small valve structure to minimise installation footprints. The proven factory assembled and tested valves provide sub-base mounted valves for pneumatic control circuits for multiple applications.

  • Sub-base mounted valves for easy replacement and maintenance
  • Multiple valve types: shuttle valves, check valves, flow control valves, timing volumes, solenoid operated, timer, pressure regulator, and multifunction (pneumatic/hydraulic)
  • Small footprint
  • Easily adapted to existing applications
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