Inflatable Jacks

This highly flexible and lightweight jack design only requires an air supply of 8 bar maximum pressure to lift up to 74 tons. Power Team's inflatable jack can be easily inflated with non-explosive gas or water.

  • Uninflated jacks are only 25.4 mm thick, making seemingly impossible lifting tasks routine
  • Space age reinforced, multi-layer aramid construction, widely overlapping on all sides. Tested at 8 bar
  • In rugged testing, jacks withstood tens of thousands of inflate/deflate cycles at 12 bar
  • Large surface area and material flexibility allow jacks to lift loads on soft or compressible surfaces without support cribbing being necessary
  • Safety first! The controller, shut-off and air hoses are all equipped with USA industrial interchange style air couplers. Female half coupler bodies have a locking collar, protecting operator from accidentally disconnecting jack while under lo
  • Surface of jack has a non-skid pattern, assuring that the jack won’t "walk away" from the job. Jacks can be used to lift a load from an uneven surface, and are tolerant of side-loaded applications
  • Non-conducting material resists oil, ozone and most chemicals. Cold resistant down to -40° C, heat resistant up to 115°C(short term) or 93°C(long term)
  • Field-replaceable nipples are made of tough steel, with internal thread to prevent abrasion damage. Ideal needle aperture of 6.4 mm allows rapid inflation, without risk of icing, and permits a safe lowering speedt
  • Single jack controller with "dead man" control (350090). Can be used individually, or in multiples to regulate any number of jacks desired
  • Heavy attachment straps are provided on 4 largest sizes for attachment of a rope or hook to position the jack from a safe distance
  • Inflation hose system is color-coded (red and yellow) for easy recognition when using more than one jack

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