Hydraulic Puller Sets (17,5 - 50 Ton)

Hytec South Africa stocks and supplies 6 variations of hydraulic pullers sets, sourced from Power Team, to ensure customer’s projects are completed efficiently and safely.

  • 17.5 ton hydraulic master puller sets: Having this Power Team puller set at your fingertips will not only reduce your downtime, but also increase your profits.
  • 17.5 ton hydraulic puller set: This set includes a 3-jaw puller and a Push-Puller®. Ideal for heavy-duty applications; put this set to work wherever large gears, bearings, wheels, pulleys, etc. are found.
  • 30 ton capacity puller set: Just what you need for those big jobs. Not only do you get a 30 ton hydraulic Push-Puller®, you also get a 2-jaw and 3-jaw hydraulic puller. Plus, many popular accessories and the hardware to tackle the big jobs right away. 50 ton capacity puller set - For those really big jobs, this 50 ton puller set is what you need. Just think of the jobs you can do with a 50 ton hydraulic Push-Puller®, a 2-jaw and a 3-jaw puller, both with a 50 ton capacity. Of course, you also get many versatile accessories and attachments.
  • 17.5 and 30 ton capacity puller sets: These heavy-duty maintenance sets will more than pay for themselves, especially in saving you costly damage to parts. This set lets you tackle hundreds of applications where pushing and pulling are required.
  • 17.5 and 50 ton capacity puller sets: If you’re looking for a maintenance puller set that will handle a wide variety of applications, this is the one for you. The mechanical and hydraulic pullers and attachments are designed to handle most removing and installing jobs with a minimal amount of effort.
  • 17.5, 30 & 50 ton capacity puller set: Here’s the ultimate in industrial puller sets! You’ll find a puller for just about every job. Included in this “master set” are 171/2, 30 and 50 ton hydraulics, along with an extensive assortment of pullers, attachments and adapters.

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