Hydraulic Hose

High pressure hydraulic hoses from the Intertraco brand are available from Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse (HAW) and include wire spirals and braids. This range of hoses cater for nearly any industrial or mobile application – from low and medium, to high and extreme pressure ranges.

Wire Braid Hydraulic Hose

HAW range of braid hydraulic hoses is suited for long-lasting performance in static pressure & hot oiler applications. Available in R1AT & R2AT.

Bosch Rexroth Africa brings the world's leading hydraulic, pneumatic and automation brands to Africa!

Hydraulic hose for any industrial, mobile or fixed application:

Our range of Intertraco hydraulic hoses are constructed from a combination of synthetic rubber tubes, high tensile steel spirals or braids, as well as covers.

This combination gives the range a considerably higher tolerance of everyday abuses while providing manoeuvrable flexibility.

In turn, our hoses are well-suited for a range of fixed and mobile industrial applications, including:

  • High temperature applications
  • For handling hydraulic oils (mineral & biological)
  • Transferring Polyglycol base oils, water-oil emulsions & water
  • Suction & return lines
  • Water-based hydraulic fluids
  • High-pressure peak applications
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Watch how our HAW Hose Assembly experts assemble hydraulic hose in this step-by-step tutorial.

Hose accessories:

Customise your system to your exact operational parameters with the complete range of hydraulic accessories.

  • Connect and disconnect hydraulic lines quickly and easily with quick-release couplings: ball, flat, pin, swivel and screw type
  • Enhance hose durability with hose protection products
  • Easily Uniflex crimp 4-wire hoses from 6.35 to 51 mm, standardised with a quick-die-change tool

Our accessories and fittings enhance hose flexibility and performance:

  • Cast in durable steel for abrasive applications
  • Withstands high-pressures of up to 800 bar
  • Ultimate hose flexibility with 90° & 110° bend
  • Ideal for all hoses from 3 to 80 mm OD
  • Hose protection up to 1 200 °C
  • Short turnaround times with large stock holdings

High pressure hydraulic hose fittings:

Our hose fittings ensure that your hydraulic circuits are optimised for high performance and reliability. Brands used for this range include KTR, Walterscheid and Intertraco.

Complete range of:

  • ORFS, NPT, JIC & BSP Fittings
  • Ferrules
  • SAE Flange Fittings
  • Jet Wash Hose Fittings

Hydraulic Hose Adapters

Cast in carbon steel, stainless steel or brass, our adaptor designs offer the latest in durable hydraulic connection technology for all types of hydraulic hoses, tubes and pipes.

With 4 thread types available we provide the flexibility you need to create customised hydraulic systems.

Complete range of:

  • Test Point Adaptors and Dowty Washers
  • BSP, JIC, NPT & ORFS Adapters

Supported throughout Africa:

HAW is one of the largest suppliers of hydraulics components and accessories in South Africa, and a specialist supplier of hydraulic hose and hydraulic fittings for mobile machinery.

HAW has branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pinetown and Middelburg, all with a high stock retention and a prompt, efficient component delivery service.


Onsite hydraulic services

As Africa’s leading hydraulic hose and component supplier, we offer customised containerised hose workshops on sites anywhere across Africa.

Each workshop is staffed with Bosch Rexroth Africa personnel and ensures a comprehensive replacement service for hydraulic hose, fittings and accessories.

Reduce downtime by having all the spares you need exactly when and where you need them.

Enquire above for precise information on your closest branch, delivery information and hydraulic fittings queries.


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Bosch Rexroth Africa has 35 branches across Africa in a distribution and support network that strategically covers industrial centres across the continent.


Frequently asked questions:

What is a high pressure hose?
The high pressure rubber hose is flexible and can be used as an air compressor, sandblast or spray hose (for garden or agricultural uses). It can also be used in mine hydraulic support, engineering, construction, transportation, metallurgical forging, mining equipment, machine tools and mechanical and automated hydraulic systems. These can be manufactured either as a wire braided hose or a steel wire wound hose.
What are high pressure hose fittings?
High pressure hose fittings and valves are components that are crafted for high-pressure hose assembly/ systems delivering high performance and reliability. Ultra-high pressure components accommodate the high temperatures and pressures common in these applications.


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