Hydraulic Brake Valves

There are 9 models to choose from for improved braking in heavy machinery applications. Bosch Rexroth technology available from Bosch Rexroth Africa provides greater reliability and performance!

Inching Remotely Powered LT31

For equipment that is used to inch forwards or backwards, the Bosch Rexroth range is ideal for brake pressures up to 100 bar and inching at 25 bar.


Hand Brake Valves LT08

Hand brake valves from Hytec South Africa are ideal for use in heavy machinery.


Hydraulic Remotely Powered LT17

Compact designs and a combined accumulator loading valve and 2 circuit brake valve make the LT17 ideal for operation at 40, 60, 80, 100 and 125 bar.


Relay Valves

The 200-bar relay valve from Bosch Rexroth is widely used in vehicles with long brake lines and large cylinder volumes.


Single Circuit Remotely Powered LT05

The LT05 hydraulic brake valves are suited to small installation dimensions.


Steering Brake Valve LT10

Nominal braking pressures of 60, 90 and 100 bar make Bosch Rexroth LT 10 hydraulic brake valves ideal for use in any heavy machinery applications.


Single Circuit LT12

LT12 hydraulic brake valves from Hytec South Africa are ideal for use in heavy machinery.


Dual Circuit LT13

The LT13 dual circuit valve performs extremely well at maximum braking pressures of up to 125 bar!


2-Circuit Remotely Powered Type LT07

2-circuit remotely powered brake valve is a direct-controlled pressure relief valve of 3-way design with stepless mechanical operation.


Are you unsure which flow control valve is best suited to your application?

Choose from 9 models for improved braking in a wide range of heavy machinery applications, from agriculture equipment to material handling. Hytec South Africa’s customers rely on Bosch Rexroth technology to provide greater reliability and performance, as well as improved cost efficiency.

Bosch Rexroth Africa brings the world’s leading hydraulics, pneumatics and automation brands to Africa!

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