Hydac Suction Filters

For operation at up to 800 litres per minute, and in temperatures between -30 and 100° C, the Hydac range of suction filters is ideal.

View the two products below for specification overviews, or download the PDF files for detailed specification data. If you need help selecting the right suction filter for your needs, please contact us today and we’ll gladly assist you.

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Tank Top Return Filter | RKM-Series

Return line and Suction Boost Filter RKM up to 800 l/min, up to 10 bar

  • Nominal pressure: 10 bar
  • Temperature range: -30 °C to +100 °C (short-term: -40 °C)
  • Material of filter head: Aluminium
  • Material of filter bowl: Steel (all RKM except for RKM 300); Polyamide (RKM 300)
  • Material of cover plate:
    • Polyamide (RKM 80 to 251, 350)
    • Aluminium (RKM 300, 400, 800)
  • Type of clogging indicator: VMF – Connection thread G 1/8
  • Pressure setting of the clogging indicator: -0.2 bar (vacuum pressure); 2 bar (back-pressure); (others on request)
  • Bypass cracking pressure: (V2) 2.5 bar (others on request)
  • Setting for back-pressure valve: (V1) 0.5 bar (others on request)

Suction Filters | SF-Series

Suction Filter SF/SFM/SFF and Suction Filter Elements S/S.. up to 500 l/min

  • Temperature range: -10 °C to +100 °C
  • Material of SF filter:
    • Cover plate: aluminium
    • Housing: aluminium
  • Material of SFM filter:
    • Cover plate: aluminium
    • Filter head: aluminium
    • Filter bowl: polyamide
  • Material of SFF filter:
    • Cover plate: GGG40
    • Filter head: aluminium
    • Filter bowl: steel
  • Material of S elements:
    • Filter mesh: wire mesh
    • End caps: polyamide
    • Central tube: steel, zinc-plated
  • Material of S.. elements:
    • Filter mesh: wire mesh
    • End caps: on request
    • Central tube: on request
  • Type of clogging indicator: VR Connection thread G ½; V1/4 Conn. thread NPT (only SFF)
  • Pressure setting of the clogging indicator: 0.2 to 2 bar (others on request)
  • Bypass cracking pressure: 0.25 bar (SFF filter); 0.3 bar (SF and SFM filter); (others on request)
  • Cracking pressure of bypass valve for 0.2 bar suction filter elements S (optional)

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