Hägglunds Fusion Drive Systems

The all-in-one hydraulic drive system solution

Hägglunds Fusion takes compactness to a new level, placing the entire hydraulic drive system on the torque arm. Fusion from Hägglunds South Africa offers:

  • A plug-and-play drive solution
  • Basic & advanced control functionality
  • Easy & flexible installation (dependant on torque arm position)
  • Function tested before delivery
  • Start, stop & reverse without damage
  • Maximum torque from zero speed
  • Panels for sealed off hydraulic area
  • No need for a gearbox, foundation, shaft couplings, or complicated alignments!

Hägglunds Fusion is a space-saving and cost-efficient solution for a range of industries including chemical, rubber, recycling, sugar, mining, and material processing.

Get reliable performance that keeps you self-sufficient with Hägglunds Fusion Drive Systems.

Technical aspects of Hägglunds Fusion hydraulic drive systems

Ideal for applications that have the following requirements:

  • Torque range: up to 280 kNm (up to 206 517 lb·ft)
  • Speed range: up to 37 rpm at 50 Hz, up to 45 rpm at 60 Hz
  • Maximum operating pressure: 350 bar (5076 psi)
  • Standard ambient temperature:
    • Upper limit: 40 °C (104 °F)
    • Lower limit: -20 °C (-4 °F)
  • Power range: up to 45 kW (60hp)
  • Outdoor use & ideal for all weather conditions

Technical information

The compact and modular Hägglunds Fusion hydraulic drive systems drive fits into the same space as a traditional low-speed, high-torque hydraulic drive motor and torque arm – without the need for a gearbox, foundation and external equipment. Since the drive solution is self-contained, it’s quick and easy to install and maintain.

The hydraulic drive motor, like the other hydraulic components, is housed in the cabinet on the torque arm which includes a built-in torque limitation. This enables the machine to start, stop, and reverse as often as needed to serve low power applications, increasing productivity. With all the hydraulics in one place, there’s no need for long piping or control lines to a conventional hydraulic power unit. The hydraulic drive motor attaches to the drive shaft by means of internal splines or a shrink-disc coupling. Hägglunds Fusion drive system features an asynchronous electric motor driving a variable stroke axial piston pump.

The hydraulic motor speed is controlled by varying the analog signal to the proportional solenoid stroker on the hydraulic pump, which sets the swash plate angle and therefore piston stroke and resultant flow to the hydraulic drive motor.

The Hägglunds Fusion drive system is an infinitely variable ratio drive, a gearbox is not required to adjust ratio affecting speed. This enables flexibility in speed range to adjust process capacity without varying electric motor frequency or adjusting gear ratios. A speed encoder is supplied to provide full closed loop speed feedback and control.

Hägglunds Fusion includes the following sensors:

  • High pressure sensor – enables the maximum system pressure to be monitored, ensuring no damage to the equipment
  • Charge pressure sensor – ensures hydraulic drive motor and pump internal parts are fully engaged and ready to produce torque on demand
  • Level sensor – monitors oil level
  • Oil tank temperature transmitter - monitors reservoir temperature, ensuring minimum temperature for start-up & maximum temperature for interlock, protecting the equipment
  • Speed encoder – reads hydraulic drive motor speed

All input/output data is available to read/write from an IO-Link master except the speed encoder, which has a pulse interface. IO-interface can be adopted to different control systems, depending on the specific requirements of the client. The Hägglunds Fusion drive system can be integrated in any control architecture that features IO-Link or analog interfaces.

Two Hägglunds Fusion versions available

Hägglunds Fusion is available in a European and American version. The main difference is the standard that the machine meets.

European version:

  • Follows the IEC/ISO standards

American version:

  • Follows the NEMA/ANSI/NFPA/UL standards

The version that is needed for a specific drive system shall be based on customer requirements.

Test Certificates

Each Hägglunds Fusion drive system is function tested before delivery, and the modular design provides future flexibility. Certificates for each drive system version may be provided upon request. The European version test certificate is issued according to European Standard EN 10204 - 3.1.


Declaration of Incorporation, as defined by the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Appendix IIB

Control system:

  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

Quality assurance system, certified to standard ISO 9001.

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