General Cylinders

General cylinders from Bosch Rexroth Africa comprise hydraulic cylinder solutions for medium to extreme applications. Sourced from industry leaders Power Team, our range of general cylinders, some with safety relief valves, are designed for both general and specialised use from 2 to 1220 tons.

Pulling Cylinders

Available in 2 & 5 ton capacities, the RP series pulling cylinder provides cutting-edge performance in pulling & tensioning applications


Threaded End Cylinders

These single-acting, spring-return cylinders are precision manufactured for actuation of 5 to 25 tons, with accessory compatibility.


Shorty Cylinders

Shorty cylinders from Power Team provide exceptional performance at up to 250 tons, making it perfect for extreme applications.


Low Profile Cylinders

Low profile cylinders from the Hytec South Africa are single-acting and spring-return, providing high performance in small, and other spaces.


Locking Collar Cylinders

Locking collar cylinders from Power Team give an all-out performance in applications with maximum weight capacities ranging from 55 to 565 tons.


Industrial Cylinders

Industrial cylinders from Hytec are ideal for production environments and provide push and pull forces in tight spaces.


High Tonnage Cylinders

High tonnage Cylinders from Hytec South Africa are rugged and reliable, have increased corrosion resistance and can be dead-ended without damage.


General Purpose Cylinders C-Series

General Purpose Cylinders from Hytec South Africa are highly durable with solid steel cylinder body, chrome-plated piston rod resists wear & corrosion


Aluminium Cylinders RA-Series

Aluminium Cylinders RA-Series from Hytec South Africa resist explosions and are designed for non-production operations.


Why use general cylinders from Bosch Rexroth Africa?

We stock, distribute and repair or refurbish a comprehensive range of 9 general cylinders, all compliant with ISO 9001 and ASME B30.1 standards, made from aluminium or solid steel. All general cylinders in our range can be tailored to any application requirements. A few other advantages of general cylinders in our range include:

  • Each cylinder pressure tested to 125% its rated capacity
  • Aluminium body resists sparking in explosive environments
  • Solid steel cylinder body provides additional durability
  • Reliability and strength from alloy heat-treated pistons
  • Corrosion- and abrasion-resistant for added longevity
Our range of general cylinders is constructed using solid steel or aluminium & pressure tested to 125% of rated capacity. Get yours today, contact Bosch Rexroth Africa

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