Fleetguard® Fuel Filtration

Fleetguard® filters keep your fuel clean for longer, meaning greater performance, longer equipment life and reduced operating costs. Fleetguard® provides a complete range of fuel filters, for diesel and fuel engines across industries, achieving optimum engine protection, performance and reliability.

Fuel Island Filtration

Fuel Island Filtration offers a first line of defence at the fuel storage tank, ensuring clean fuel reaches your equipment.


Pro Series Fuel Processors

Pro Series Fuel Processors provide best-in-class fuel/water separation and particle removal flow capability.


NanoNet® Fuel Filters

NanoNet® or StrataPore media deliver best-in-class performance, removing even the smallest harmful contaminants.

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Benefits of Fleetguard® Fuel Filtration:

  • Improve reliability
  • Optimise service intervals
  • Improve fuel efficiencies
  • Reduce operation costs

Fleetguard offers two types of fuel filters:

  • Fuel/Water Separators (FS) – Separate water from the fuel and remove large contaminants
  • Fuel Filters (FF) – Remove the smaller contaminant particles from the fuel
Fleetguard leads the way with new technologies to remove harmful contaminants.

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Fuel contamination - the biggest cause of engine failure

The main contaminants in diesel fuel are:

  • Dirt and sediment – if present in the fuel system, these result in blockage of the filter and increased wear within the fuel system.
  • Water – is the greatest concern because it is the most common. Water can be met with the fuel during the refuelling process, or due to poor house-keeping practices. Effects of water in diesel fuel can be serious, causing injector tips to blow off, corrosion and reduced fuel lubricity, resulting in premature wear to pumps and injectors.
  • Organic contaminants – Asphaltines and paraffin wax, as residual components from the refining process, will block screens, strainers, filters and even hoses.

The Importance of Fuel Filtration

fuel is not only the engine’s energy source; it also performs several other key roles:

  • Cooling – by circulating through the injection system and absorbing unwanted heat
  • Lubrication – by separating the moving components in the fuel feed and injection pumps
  • Cleansing – by transferring contaminants to the Fuel Filter(s), where they are removed.


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