Electric Hydraulic Pumps

Electric hydraulic pumps from Bosch Rexroth Africa include a range of 12 quiet, efficient electric and battery-powered hydraulic pumps sourced from Power Team. Whether your operation is defined by remote location or quiet operation.

Electric Hydraulic Pumps PE46

The PE46 series electric hydraulic pump for actuation from Hytec, sourced from Power Team, has double acting cylinders that operate at up to 700 bar.


PE 17 Series Electric Hydraulic Pumps

Ideal for applications at up to 55 tons, the PE17 Series electric hydraulic pump features two speed capability and low maintenance requirements.


PE 10 Series Electric Battery Operated Pumps

For pressures capable of actuating up to 25 tons, Hytec South Africa provides Power Team's compact, 2-speed PE10 Series electric battery pump.


Electric Hydraulic Pumps PED

A 2-speed pump ideal for cylinders of up to 75 tons, the Power Team PED series from Hytec has a maximum rated capacity of 410 cm³ per minute.


Electric Hydraulic Pumps PE30

Power Team's 2-speed PE30 series electric hydraulic pump is used for maintenance & construction applications, providing throughput up to 0.48 l/minute


Electric Hydraulic Pumps PE400

Power Team's PE400 series is designed for operation at up to 1 000 tons. This high tonnage delivers up to oil at 16 l/pm with low noise levels.


Electric Hydraulic Crimping Pump PE NUT

A lightweight but extremely durable 2-speed pump sourced from Power Team, operating under low line voltage conditions. Oil supplied at 0.9 l/m.


Quiet Electric Hydraulic Pump PQ60

Sourced from Power Team, this electric hydraulic pump operates below maximum OSHA noise limitations and is designed for cylinders up to 200 tons.


Vanguard Electric Hydraulic Pumps PE18

The PE18 Vanguard Jr. Series, sourced from Power Team, provides precision actuation in small, hydraulically powered tools at up to 295 cm³ per minute.


Vanguard Electric Hydraulic Pumps PE55

The PE55 series, part of the Vanguard range of electric hydraulic pumps from Power Team, is ideal for cylinders up to 200 tons & heavy construction.


Quiet Electric Hydraulic Pump PQ120

This is a low-speed, high torque pump from Power Team, which is designed for cylinders of up to 400 tons and operates at up to 700 bar.


PE 21 Series Electric Hydraulic Pumps

This low speed, high torque and heavy duty pump is ideal for extended cycle operations at up to 75 tons and 361 cm3 per minute.


Why get electric hydraulic pumps from Bosch Rexroth Africa?

Our electric hydraulic pumps range is vast enough to offer a number of benefits to users, with each pump in this range offering distinct advantages. For example, our pumps pump oil, water and other fluids, are usable in hazardous areas and have a quiet operation. A few other benefits, particular to certain of our electric hydraulic pump models, include:


  • Electric battery operated is portable power source
  • Models available for single- and double-acting cylinders
  • Some models include gauge ports and metal reservoir
  • Low amperage draw permits use with smaller generators
  • Electrical shut down feature prevent unintentional restarting
With a range of 12 electric hydraulic pumps, Hytec South Africa has the ideal electric pump for your application requirements, contact Bosch Rexroth Africa today.

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