Compact Cylinders

Compact cylinders, also known as short-stoke cylinders, from Aventics feature specialised designs that make them 30% lighter and 60% more effective than competitor short-stroke cylinders.

SSI Compact Cylinders

The versatile range of SSI compact cylinders can be mounted on any moving machine part owing to their lightweight and magnetic piston rod.


KPZ Compact Cylinders

The KPZ range of compact cylinders feature standardised connection dimensions that enable them to be integrated into any existing pneumatic system.


KHZ Compact Cylinders

Can be retracted without any pressure requirements and feature an internal thread piston rod with elastic cushioning for any pneumatic application.


CCI Compact Piston Rod Cylinder

The CCI range of compact piston rod cylinders is single-acting and features elastic pneumatic cushioning for smoother performance.


Why use Aventics compact cylinders?

These cylinders are able to operate in the smallest of operating spaces, yet provide high-powered cylinder performance, providing working pressures up to 10 bar!

The modular design of Aventics compact cylinders provide a cylinder package with many size and mounting variants.

The range also includes single-acting and double-acting versions, plus male or female threaded piston rods, single or double rod end versions, hollow piston rods, torsion protection, metal rod scrapers, high-temperature seals and reinforced piston rods.

The range also covers a wide range of applications, with diameter sizes from 16 to 100 mm. The cylinders also feature easy-to-clean and maintenance-free designs.

The CCI range is manufactured according to ISO 21287 and the KPZ series according to NFE 49004, ensuring safe, high-performance pneumatic cylinder operation in your application.

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