Compact Converters

IndraDrive C converters generate a DC bus voltage from the supply voltage and convert it into a controlled AC output voltage of variable amplitude and frequency for operating a servo motor. The compact design includes additional main connection components and is therefore particularly suited for single-axis applications.

IndraDrive C converters also come with an integrated control unit.

IndraDrive Cs – HCS01

Covering the lower kW range, HCS01 combines power and control units in a single unit, and offers ethernet-based communication, a multi-encoder interface, and integrated safety technology.

  • 0.15 – 14 kW power range
  • 3.3 – 54 A maximum current
  • 110 – 500 V direct power supply
  • High overload capacity

IndraDrive C – HCS02

HCS02 converters cover the middle power range, and come with a control unit slot with various interfaces for connecting to the automation environment.

  • 1.5 – 11 kW power range
  • 12 – 70 A maximum current
  • 200 – 500 V direct power supply
  • 2.5x overload capacity

IndraDrive C – HCS03

Covering the upper kW range, HCS03 has a control unit slot for encoder systems, safety technology, additional digital and analogue signals, and more.

  • 22 – 110 kW power range
  • 70 – 350 A maximum current
  • 400 – 500 V direct power supply
  • 1.5x overload capacity

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