Cartridge Valves

This range of Bosch Rexroth cartridge valves provides optimum protection and lubrication to ensure low oil consumption in your hydraulic system. Where standard valves control fuel injection and exhaust valve activation, this range of cartridge valves also caters for precise metering of the lubrication! This range of multi-function cartridge valves is used for the interconnection of multiple pump circuits to form a common hydraulic circuit which includes pressure limitation for the entire system.

Pilot Operated Valves

For operation at up to 350 bar, Bosch Rexroth manufactures 2 high-quality pilot operated valves for a range of applications.


Dual Counterbalance Valves

Find 60 and 150 litre per minute dual counterbalance valves from the global Bosch Rexroth brand at Hytec South Africa.


Flow Dividers

Achieve 50/50 division ratios! For pressures at up to 350 bar, the flow divider from Bosch Rexroth provides exceptional performance.


Directional Spool Valves

Choose from 7 models! Hytec South Africa stocks a comprehensive range of Bosch Rexroth valves for a range of hydraulic applications.


Directional Seat Valves

The Bosch Rexroth range of directional seat valves includes 2/2 and 3/2 directional variations, with direct operation and solenoid actuation.


2-Way Valves

2-way cartridge valves feature maximum operating pressures of up to 420 bar. Control covers with directional and pressure functions are available!


Directional Control Valves

Poppet, pilot & normally actuated directional valves are available from Hytec Fluid Technology, part of Bosch Rexroth Africa.

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Cartridge valve applications:

Cartridge valves are referred to as 2/2-way valves or logic elements. These industrial hydraulic valves are used for directional, pressure, check and flow control. This range of cartridge valves from Bosch Rexroth feature compact designs and they can be used in hydraulic manifold systems for several types of industrial and mobile machinery.

Benefits and advantages of cartridge valves:

  • Reduce oil consumption with precise metering
  • Compact and robust control valves with high dynamics and control accuracy
  • Integrated electronics reduce wiring and simplify handling
  • Low-noise operation due to straight-through bore
  • All wetted parts of a cartridge valve system are fully accessible for cleaning and maintenance
  • Multiple valves (valve package) reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • Cartridge valves reduce downtime to an absolute minimum
Bosch Rexroth cartridge valves are essential in the efficient operation of a hydraulic system.

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The advantages of cartridge valve systems:

The cartridge-design approach offers several advantages over systems fitted with individual valve components. These include:

  • The combination of many functions into a single manifold saves space and weight. When compared to conventional line-mounted systems, cartridge valve systems occupy only 10% to 20% as much volume. This space and weight reduction also result in substantial energy savings.
  • On many systems, the cost of a custom cartridge valve package — if built in sufficient quantities — could be less than that of a system with individually fitted components.
  • Because a cartridge valve package eliminates many connections, system leakage potential is reduced.
  • Cartridge valve packages eliminate interconnecting lines and fittings and lead to higher overall system efficiencies. In most cases, a cartridge valve package can be mounted directly on an actuator or pump, where it will be most effective in performing its functions.
  • Cartridge valves are simply mounted and connected. Due to their compact design, cartridge valve packages can be mounted where they are less susceptible to external damage.
  • Cartridge valve packages are reliable and easy to maintain. Cartridge valves can be removed and replaced quickly.

Custom-designed cartridge packages:

A manifold with at least one cartridge valve may be considered to be a valve package. Often, the manifold would have to be custom designed for a specific application or function. Bosch Rexroth valve packages contain some or all of the control valves for a hydraulic system. Custom-designed valve packages offer several advantages in mobile and industrial equipment applications.

A custom cartridge valve package can consist of:

  • a single cartridge installed in a manifold that has been designed to fit a specific mounting configuration
  • a manifold containing multiple cartridge valves performing some or all functions in a complete hydraulic control system


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