Air Hydraulic Pumps

Air hydraulic pumps from Bosch Rexroth Africa are sourced from Power Team. Our range of air hydraulic pumps includes single- and double-acting pumps that cater for an impressive operating pressure range of between 3 and 2 410 bar. These air hydraulic pumps feature exceptional power to weight ratios, which improves portability and efficiency. 8 models are available in our range.

PA6 Air Hydraulic Pump

The PA6 Series air hydraulic pump from Hytec South Africa sets the benchmark when it comes to compact, lightweight and single-speed design.


PA9 Air Hydraulic Pump

Power Team's PA9 Series air hydraulic pump provides precision cylinder and portable hydraulic tool actuation and is easy to service.


PA 17 Air Hydraulic Pump

Power Team's PA17 series 2-speed air hydraulic pump from Hytec South Africa is perfect for applications where air is the preferred source of energy.


PA46 55 Air Hydraulic Pump

The PA46 55 air hydraulic pump features a 2-speed functionality with rotary air style motor and a capacity for cylinders of up to 150 tons.


PA 50 Air Hydraulic Pump

Power Team's PA50 series single-speed air hydraulic pump from Hytec South Africa provides all-out performance in lower pressure (220 bar) applications


2 Speed Air Hydraulic Pump

Power Team's 2-speed air hydraulic pump from Hytec South Africa provides up to 98cm3 of performance per minute, ideal for rapid operation.


PUA And PMA Series Air Hydraulic Pump

Power Team's PUA & PMA Series offers high-pressure performance for heavy-duty fluid tasks at operating pressures of up to 2 410 bar.


Double Acting Air Hydraulic Pump

Double-acting air hydraulic pump cylinders from Hytec South Africa, sourced from Power Team, provide all-out performance, with only 85 dBA at 700 bar.


Why choose air hydraulic pumps from Bosch Rexroth Africa?

Our air hydraulic pumps range is vast enough to offer a number of benefits to users, with each pump in this range offering distinct advantages. For example, our pumps pump oil, water and other fluids, are usable in hazardous areas and have a quiet operation. A few other benefits of selecting your air hydraulic pumps from the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies include:


  • Pump motors can be serviced, reducing expenditure
  • Extreme variable capacity and discharge pressure
  • High-performance levels and rapid oil delivery at low pressure
  • ISSome models can operate on other gases, not air-only
  • Available as 1- or 2-speed air hydraulic pumps
With a range of 8 air hydraulic pumps, Hytec South Africa has the ideal air pump for your application requirements, contact Bosch Rexroth Africa today.

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