Accumulator Charging Kits

Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT), a Bosch Rexroth Africa Company, stocks and supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality accumulator charging kits. Sourced from world-renowned OEMs Olaer and Hydac, this range of charging kits is used to ensure proper installation and correct maintenance regimes, as well as charging bladder accumulators and piston accumulators with nitrogen. They are also used for testing or changing the existing pre-charge pressure.

VG3 Unit

This VG3 set from Olaer is used for charging bladder and piston accumulators with nitrogen and for testing or changing the existing pressure.


VGU Unit

This Olaer control set available from Hytec Fluid Technology is for testing and adjusting of the pre-charged pressure accumulators.


Universal Unit

This HYDAC Universal Charging and Testing Unit available from Hytec Fluid Technology is suitable for bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators.

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Accumulator Charging Kits Contents

In addition to several safety devices available, nitrogen bottles for downstream installation of bubble and piston accumulators and corresponding fastening opportunities for all accumulator types are held in stock.

  • Safety and shut-off block in different versions incorporating CE marking
  • Charging and testing unit FPU-1 and charging and testing block F+P
  • Wide range of mounting equipment
  • Nitrogen bottles and nitrogen charging units in different versions
  • Accumulator charging valves
  • Safety devices
  • Accumulator configuration programme

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The Accumulator Test Bench & Certification Centre

HFT’s accumulation Certification Centre incorporates its hydraulic accumulator test bench, used to help both its and Bosch Rexroth Africa's customers to inspect their accumulators internally and externally, as well as subject them to hydrostatic pressure tests. HFT is authorised to provide certification of manufacture and the verification signature of an Approved Inspection Authority.


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