Walterscheid metric hydraulic tube fittings, connectors and hose accessories are manufactured for a wide range of industrial and mobile equipment. These German-engineered components are ideal in agricultural applications, construction vehicles and machine tools and equipment.

Agritechnical driveline & attachment systems

For over 100 years Walterscheid has developed and manufactured high-quality hydraulic components that enhance machine productivity and functionality in industrial and mobile hose and equipment.

A comprehensive range of steel tube fittings, each with their own unique benefits, and an easy-to-use range of durable gauge fittings that improve the quality of your hydraulic applications, make up this range.

Distributed across Africa by Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse (HAW), some of the benefits of these ranges include:

  • Caters to low, in-between & extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Range of 6 easy to use gauge fittings
  • Increases hydraulic hose performance longevity
  • Exceeds industrial specification requirements
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Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Hydraulic hose fittings from HAW are sourced from leading manufacturers to provide you with exceptional quality and performance.


Steel Tube & Fittings

The Eaton Walterscheid and Stauff range of steel tube adaptors includes stud, straight, elbow and blanking fittings.


Walterscheid steel tube and fittings

  • Walterscheid Hydraulic Steel & Stainless Steel Tube: constructed from robust seamless grade 316L steel, suited to wide ranges of industrial and mobile applications.
  • Walterscheid Stud Fittings: designed to cater to almost any application requirements, from low and medium to high and extreme pressure ranges.
  • Walterscheid Straight Fittings: facilitates long-lasting performance for hydraulic hoses, used to connect hose assemblies to ports or adapters. Manufactured to exceed industrial specification requirements.
  • Walterscheid Reducer Fittings: aids with long-lasting performance when connecting pipes have different diameter sizes.
  • Walterscheid Nuts: known as the “ultimate” in hydraulic fittings in terms of grip and temperature resistance.
  • Walterscheid Flange Fittings: consisting of specialised internal and external raised rims from extra grip.
  • Walterscheid Elbow Fittings: tailored for instances where two lengths of pipe or tubing require adjoining at 45° or 90° angles. 22.5° angle elbows from Walterscheid also available.
  • Walterscheid Blanking Fittings: comprising BlankingPlug and BlankingPlugMetric steel tube fittings.


Supported throughout Africa

Bosch Rexroth Africa provides world leading pneumatic, hydraulic and automation technology throughout Africa, including Walterscheid products.

Our hydraulic solutions come standard with an extensive range of accessories, aftersales support and short lead times.


Hydraulic hose accessories

Minimess Hose & Walterscheid Gauge Fittings: comprises the Minimess hose with an easy-to-use range of gauge fittings that are ideal for hydraulic tools and machinery. There are 6 gauge fittings in the Walterscheid range.

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