Stop-Start Retrofit

Stop-Start Retrofit technology from Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine was adapted for haul trucks in mining operations. The solution enhances productivity and reduces CO₂ by automatically shutting down the diesel engine when in standby mode (idling), ensuring safety.

  • ESG-driven solution that promotes sustainability
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Decreases CO₂ emissions
  • Increases engine lifespan
  • Adaptable to suit customer-specific requirements
  • The end user can quickly and easily engage the system


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Main Components of Stop-Start Retrofit



With advanced capabilities, Start-Stop Retrofit seamlessly operates the system, while efficiently processing signal data for optimal performance. 

Electrical Panel Module

Used for operating the system, processing signal data, and controlling the truck with an Electronic Control Unit (ECU).


Experience a new level of control and efficiency in your mining operations with Smart Mine's Start-Stop Retrofit solution. 

Cabin Module

An interface to control and monitor the internal signals of the truck operator's cab, this component enables the efficient and safe operation of mine trucks while also providing real-time feedback on the performance of the vehicle.


Stop-Start Retrofit by Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine flawlessly transmits critical data via LTE to the cloud while efficiently displaying the system status to the operator. 

Auxiliary Cabin Module (Emergency)

The emergency button is integrated into the interface of the truck operator's cab. This button is a failsafe mechanism that ensures the driver can easily and quickly bring the truck to a stop in case of any sudden failures or emergencies.


Rely on Stop-Start Retrofit for seamless data transmission and improved operation efficiency.  

Connectivity Module

Transmits Stop-Start Retrofit data via Long-Term Evolution (LTE) to the cloud and displays system status to the operator.



Rely on Stop-Start Retrofit for seamless data transmission and improved operation efficiency.  

Electronic Battery Sensors

Electronic Battery Sensors (EBS), continuously monitor the status of the truck's batteries. EBS monitors various parameters such as voltage, temperature, current, SOC, SOF, SOH, and charge balance.


Enhance safety and boost confidence in your mining operations with Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine's Stop-Start Retrofit.  

Front External LED Beacons

Consists of external warning lights that indicate when the Stop-Start Retrofit system is active.



RTLS antennas are the ultimate tool for confirming truck presence in the loading zone.  

RTLS Antennas

The Real-Time Location System (RTLS) antennas are used to confirm the truck's location in the loading zone.


Track the status of the doors to determine if they are open or closed.

Door Sensors

Easily determine if doors are opened or closed.


Enhance your mining equipment's fuel efficiency and reduce emissions with Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine's Stop-Start Retrofit.

Rear External LED Beacons

External lights are used to indicate when the Stop-Start Retrofit system is in operation.


The Stop-Start Retrofit Solution


Human Machine Interface – LCD Display

The Stop-Start Retrofit system has a Human Machine Interface (HMI) LCD display that gives the operator information in real-time.

The screen displays information that includes:

  • Truck & engine speed
  • Cabin & turbo temperature
  • Battery levels
  • Truck failure

The Human Machine Interface LCD display in the Stop-Start Retrofit system shows real-time information such as truck and engine speed, cabin and turbo temperature, battery levels, and truck failure.


The Stop-Start Retrofit saves fuel and reduces emissions in mining operations.

Start-Stop Retrofit benefits

The Stop-Start Retrofit solution has been successfully implemented in South American and South African mining operations. The solution offers the following benefits:

  • Mining site in South Africa
    • Idle time: 40%
    • Economy (Real and Potential): Reduced idling by 23.3% and reduced total fuel consumption by 2.4% when the SSR was activated.
    • ROI: 1.5 years
  • Mining site in South America
    • Reduced idling time: by 30%
    • Economy: 7% in idle / -1.5% of the total fuel consumption when the SSR is activated.
    • ROI: 2 years


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