SPX FLOW Globe manufactures radial piston air motors that provide a wide range of control valve and output options. Available in either 4 or 5 cylinder variants, SPX FLOW Globe’s range of heavy-duty air motors feature an oil bath lubrication design and generate greater power than motors of similar sizes.

Leading air motor technology

SPX FLOW Globe’s range of radial piston air motors provide continuous or intermittent operation efficiently and reliably, with output up to 23 kW.

They are ideal for industries like paper and steel, construction, oil and gas, marine and shipyards, mixers and pumps, material handling and mining.

Each motor is available with customised controls, brake and gearbox configurations, allowing you to select the motor that best matches your application requirements. The range includes 6 models with the following performance specifications:

  • Motor mass: 13 kg – 125 kg
  • Power output: 2.4 kW – 23 kW
  • Max. overhung force: 445 Nm – 6 500 Nm

SPX FLOW Globe is distributed and supported throughout Africa by Hytec South Africa.

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Air Motors

6 versatile air motor variants that achieve high power-to-weight ratios, high torque and efficiency, and operate in varied temperature ranges.

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