Smart Mine

Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine revolutionises the mining industry with innovative Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) solutions that achieve streamlined processes. Smart Mine is a Tectra Automation company.

Smart Conveyor

Maximise conveyor system efficiency with Smart Conveyor by Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine. Prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs.


Smart Inspection Application

Smart Inspection from Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine is a customisable web-based application that streamlines inspection processes.


Smart Lockout System

Smart Lockout from Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine ensures personnel safety during machine and equipment repairs and maintenance.

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Next-generation mining solutions

Safety and efficiency are top priorities in mining, and Smart Mine’s innovative solutions can help businesses achieve streamlined processes.

Smart Mine is committed to the digital transformation of the mining industry by supplying it with the best cutting-edge solutions on the market. AIoT enables secure and transparent data sharing, enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and improves safety in the mining process.

It also enables the tracking and tracing of materials, promoting responsible sourcing and sustainability.

Smart Mine’s innovative solutions benefit the wider community and the environment, reinforcing Bosch Rexroth Africa’s commitment to sustainable economic growth.

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The importance of smart mining

With the use of cutting-edge technology, Smart Mine has developed connected solutions that aim to improve safety, productivity, profitability, and CO₂ emissions while reducing faults and unplanned maintenance for operations in the mining sector.

Automated processes from Smart Mine’s solutions simplify operations, reducing manpower and helping employees focus on other tasks where their efforts are necessary. Smart Mine’s solutions also offer important real-time data and insights, all of which can be customised, allowing you to make decisions when you need to for the best interest of your processes.


Advantages of smart mining

  1. 1. Safety
    • Prevent accidental startup and get visual management of lockout procedures of machinery during maintenance and repair operations.

  2. 2. Profitability
    • Automated processes switch off your machinery when idling to reduce resource consumption and increase safety
    • Optimises the time & resources in your processes
    • Cloud-based sensors automatically identify precise faults in your processes, reducing manual labour. This reduces downtime and unplanned maintenance, meaning that your operation maximises uptime for productivity and profitability.
    • Eliminates paper-based processes through digitisation

  3. 3. Insights

    Smart Mine’s solutions equip you with technological intelligence to monitor and manage your business.

    It assists you with:

    • fault finding through sensors
    • streamlined inspection processes
    • reduced errors
    • report generation

Smart Mine’s solutions also offer you an admin hub for all your needs. Admin-related features include being able to create, modify and delete check lists, manage technicians and other admin users, create and close jobs, perform inspections and more.

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This video covers how Smart Mine incorporates intelligence in existing conveyor systems for optimised mining operations. With advanced sensors from Smart Mine, condition monitoring can be conducted in the control room, reducing inspection routes and the required manpower to rotate machinery.

The solution reduces breakdowns as the sensors prevent failures and unplanned maintenance. This cloud-based solution does not require a strong network and energy infrastructure for the solution, it is compatible with existing standard infrastructure that mining operations tend to have .

Bosch Mining Solutions: How Smart Conveyor systems can help optimise mining production


Bosch Mining Solutions: How Smart Lockout systems improve machine safety in mines



This solution was developed after understanding our customer’s pains in the sector. We were challenged with finding a way to support the lockout process while making it faster. The lockout process is explained with an illustrative video and explains how the Smart Mine lockout solution reduces operators' travel time, keeps workers safe, and improves productivity in mines.


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