Pullers from Bosch Rexroth Africa are designed to safely secure and push or pull objects from 1 - 35 tons. Our range of pullers comprises mechanical push-pullers, jaw pullers and mechanical jaw pullers, sourced from Power Team. Available with the world's most emulated gripping design, the original Grip-O-Matic® tightens the grip depending on how hard an object is pulled.

Mechanical Push Pullers

Mechanical push pullers from Power Team are built for removing and installing gears, bearings, pulleys and other press-fitted parts. Read more.


Mechanical Jaw Pullers (1 To 25 Ton)

Power Team's mechanical jaw pullers are perfect for pulling gears, bearings and other press fitted parts.


Jaw Pullers (Grip-O-Matic)

The Power Team jaw puller is a self-contained pulling mechanism housed in a compact system. Capable of pulling up to 30 tons!

Contact Bosch Rexroth Africa to find out more about our range of class-leading pullers, puller sets and pulling attachments.

Why use puller sets from Bosch Rexroth Africa?

  • Alloy steel heads forged for maximum strength
  • Heat-treated alloy steel cross bolts for maximum shear strength
  • Optional leg kits adapt Push-Puller® reach to extra-long or extra short
  • 3 variations of Grip-O-Matic® jaw pullers
  • Tested for top performance and reliability at maximum capacity

Applications for pullers:

    Grip, remove and install gears, bearings, pulleys and other press-fitted parts Service off-road construction equipment and machinery
  • high-quality, customisable pullers for bearings, gears, etc.
  • Pull gears, bearings, wheels and pulleys from shafts
  • Pull press fitted shafts from housings
For a range of pullers that provides effective pulling/pushing of press-fitted parts, Contact Bosch Rexroth Africa today!

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Frequently asked questions:

What are pullers used for?
A puller tool (also known as a bearing removal tool, bearing puller or gear puller) makes it easy to remove parts from a shaft (e.g. bearings), without the use of force. These tools are useful in the maintenance of bearings, for example.
How do pullers work?
This varies depending on the type of puller being utilised. Generally, however, the legs or arms of the puller are adjusted to fit around the component that is being pulled. The central screw or bolt is turned until it touches the shaft. This screw/bolt applies force during the removal, enabling the removal of the component from the shaft.
What are the different types of pullers?
The different puller types include two-jaw or three-jaw pullers, either mechanical or hydraulic, or internal pullers. There are also specialised bearing pullers as well as push-pullers that provide push or pull force, as required.
Pullers can be purchased individually, or in puller sets, designed to handle large loads. Pulling attachments are also available from Bosch Rexroth Africa, enabling efficiency in any application.


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