Hydraulic Gearboxes

Hydraulic gearboxes from Hytec South Africa include winch drives, swing gears and gearboxes for wind turbines, all manufactured by the drive and control specialists Bosch Rexroth. Our hydraulic gearboxes are distributed and supported in sub-Saharan Africa by the Bosch Rexroth Africa.

Swing Gears

Designed for pitch and yaw adjustment, MOBILEX swing gears cater for highly specialised applications in various industries.


Winch Drives

Built to function as a drive component for winches, these drives provide reliable operation in the most arduous applications.


Gearboxes For Wind Turbines

Hydraulic gearboxes designed for wind turbines feature trouble free mechanics, resulting in a higher energy yield and more uptime.

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Hydraulic gearboxes driving industry efficiency

Bosch Rexroth hydraulic gearboxes are used in various industries in high load cranes and wind turbines. Using case-hardened, tempered steel these hydraulic gearboxes are designed and manufactured to provide precise, reliable operation in some of the most arduous applications in the toughest operating environment.

Bosch Rexroth hydraulic gearboxes combine precise operation with a compact design, smooth and quiet operating characteristics, and low maintenance that can be carried out quickly and easily, with easy fluid changes.

By designing industry-leading hydraulic gearboxes, Bosch Rexroth has played a central role in advancing the rise of wind power across both Europe and the world. It continues to deliver new innovations in hydraulic gearbox technology to market, enabling more efficient, environmentally friendly systems for a greener future.

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Winch drives: a closer look at an industry favourite

Used in all kinds of winches, including mobile and crawler cranes, railroad cranes, and shipboard, dockside and container cranes, Bosch Rexroth winch drives are ideal drive components in the most arduous applications and tough operating conditions.

With their compact design, it’s possible to mount these hydraulic gearboxes inside the cable drum for maximum space efficiency, and are simple to install with easy maintenance.

These hydraulic gearboxes are manufactured with case-hardened gearwheels and quenched, tempered and surface hardened ring gears, providing outstanding load-carrying ability, operational safety and quiet, smooth running characteristics.

  • Planet wheel carried in full-complement bearings
  • Robust bearing systems absorb forces of cable pull
  • Integrated multi-disk holding brake
  • Easy maintenance and oil replacements

Hydraulic gearboxes for wind turbine

Bosch Rexroth’s wind turbine hydraulic gearboxes have played a central role in the rise of wind power in Europe and across the world, today being used in multi-megawatt plants. It has been an innovative driver of hydraulic gearbox technology, delivering increasingly efficient systems to the power generation industry.

These German-engineered hydraulic gearboxes are known for trouble-free, high-quality mechanics that enable a higher energy yield. Low noise operation of these hydraulic gearboxes is enabling turbines to be built in residential areas.

  • Used in turbines up to 5 MW
  • Excellent reliability – up to 175 000 operating hours (almost 90x longer than an average car’s lifespan!)

Swing drives: high precision, high energy generation

Our hydraulic gearboxes ensure the nacelles of wind turbines are always turned in the prevailing wind direction to ensure optimum loads on the turbine components in addition to maximum energy generation.

These hydraulic gearboxes are equipped with four planetary gear stages to provide a high gear ratio. Depending on the overall size of the turbine, multiple yaw gearboxes can be used to provide higher torque as required.

Hydraulic gearboxes are critical for wind turbine efficiency, as the pitch of the rotor blades needs to be adjusted according to the force of the wind. Ultra-compact for maximum performance, Bosch Rexroth pitch hydraulic gearboxes sit at the root of each rotor blade, turning them into the optimum position for a high-efficiency energy system.

As is standard in all Bosch Rexroth components, high-quality materials combine with highly precise machining and designs by state-of-the art machine tools to guarantee optimum quality of hydraulic gearboxes.

The teeth of the planetary hydraulic gearboxes are case-hardened and ground, ensuring a precise, high-quality mesh over a long lifetime. They are splash lubricated to ensure constant optimum oil supply for meshes and bearings.

  • Compact 3- or 4-stage planetary design
  • Anti-friction engineered bearings provide optimum, reliable absorption of the rotor blade forces
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy oil replacement

Hytec on your doorstep

With a network of 35 strategically located branches and 8 specialist business units near important industrial nodes across sub-Saharan Africa, Hytec is well placed to drive down lead times for orders, maximise business uptime, and respond quickly to our customers’ requirements. It means the world’s leading hydraulic gearboxes are on your doorstep!
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