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Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine revolutionises the mining industry with innovative AIoT solutions. Safety and efficiency are top priorities in mining, and our innovative solutions can help businesses achieve streamlined processes.


Smart Mine strategically bolsters the Group’s services to the mining industry by offering cutting-edge, AIoT-based solutions, driving growth across the African continent.

Smart Mine’s solutions - Smart Lockout, Smart Conveyor, and Smart Inspection - aim to optimise mining operations and promote sustainable business practices.

Smart Mine is a fully fledged South African company, part of Tectra Automation.

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Smart Mine Products

Smart Lockout System

Smart Lockout from Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine ensures personnel safety during machine and equipment repairs and maintenance.


Smart Inspection Application

Smart Inspection from Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine is a customisable web-based application that streamlines inspection processes.


Smart Conveyor

Maximise conveyor system efficiency with Smart Conveyor by Bosch Rexroth Smart Mine. Prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs.


Our solutions

Smart Mine’s innovative solutions consist of three products: Smart Conveyor, Smart Inspection, and Smart Lockout. Click here for an overview of our solutions!

Our Smart Conveyor is the future of idler roller monitoring, utilising cloud-based temperature sensors to identify problem areas along conveyor belts. The alarm system eliminates the need for manual problem identification and provides instant location detection. Furthermore, it can reduce unplanned maintenance, thereby increasing asset availability in the mining operation. It is the most scalable conveyor belt monitoring system available, allowing up to 5 000 sensors per kilometre. It is currently used in several locations in South Africa and is also suitable for various industries such as cement, logistics, sugar, and paper.

Smart Inspection is a locally developed web app-based system that streamlines inspection processes, eliminates paper-based forms, and reduces errors. It is customisable to meet each business’ specific needs.

Smart Lockout supports the isolation energy process in specific areas for asset maintenance, which is often located at a distance from the energy source. The solution ensures the safety of workers by preventing the accidental startup of machinery during maintenance or repair work, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.


Learn more about Smart Mine

Smart Mine previously operated primarily in Brazil and Chile in South America until it landed its first South African deal in 2019. The company later joined the Robert Bosch brand and then became a company within Tectra Automation. Tectra Automation is a leader in pneumatic and automation technologies, and specialises in building smarter, more efficient industrial and factory automation solutions.

Smart Mine Highlights

Smart Mine has experienced some remarkable milestones since its inception. One achievement that stands out was its ability to install its first Smart Conveyor solution in Africa despite the challenges faced at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about the project here.

Since the installation, the company has received an influx of enquiries and interest from potential clients. The success of Smart Conveyor has proven to be a game-changer for the mining industry. To improve your operations and stay ahead of the competition, find out how Smart Mine’s solutions can be applied in your application here .

Benefits of Smart Mine’s solutions

Smart Mine's innovative solutions benefit the wider community and the environment, reinforcing Bosch Rexroth Africa’s commitment to sustainable economic growth. Smart Mine’s AIoT solutions enable:

  • Secure & transparent data sharing
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved safety in mining processes
  • Tracking and tracing of materials, promoting responsible sourcing and sustainability

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Bosch Rexroth Africa has 35 branches across Africa in a distribution and support network that strategically covers industrial centres across the continent.



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